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[Fanfiction] To Touch the Rain [11 Jun 2013|07:49pm]


Title: To Touch the Rain
Pairing: Kanda/Allen
Rating: PG
Note: I wrote this 10.000 years ago, lol. It's an ancient piece that even I forgot about its existence. Thanks to a1y_puff and yuliyudo for looking it over!
Allen hates the rain. Nothing good happens every time it starts falling—he has proven it all his life. Kanda, too, hates the rain. But he despises it more whenever Allen decides to hide under his blankets.

Other links: Ao3 - FFn

This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Hoshino Katsura. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

( "Time for school. Get your ass down here or I'll drag you down by force." )
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★Selling a d gray man doujinshi! [10 Mar 2013|10:54pm]


Hi! i'm selling a d gray man doujinshi at my sales post! :)
click here for the items
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MMV :) [09 Nov 2012|06:06pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! I don't usually post in lj communities but I wanted to share the manga music video I made for D.gray-man. Hope you enjoy it!

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[Selling] SUMMER DOUJINSHI CLEAR OUT SALE!! [06 Aug 2012|03:15pm]

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Yullen Week 2012 [07 Jun 2012|02:19pm]


"If I keep on taking this road, will it one day lead me to you?"

It is for you to decide.
It is you who will weave the path they will go through their relationship.
Will it be rocky, will it be smooth? Is it a two-way road or is it only one-way?
Will they be friends? Enemies? Partners? Brothers? Lovers?

Write their story, draw their feelings, express their relationships in any way you want. By dedicating fanart, fanfiction, icon, wallpaper, cosplay photo, and anything you can think of, come join us to celebrate:

Pimp this event!

We'll be waiting ;)
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[INSOMNIA] "D.Gray-man (Powrót Allena)" DUB PL [29 May 2012|06:58pm]

[ mood | awake ]


Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXpVxPEkKB0

Hello guyz! Is there anyone from Poland?
We'll show you our fandub in Polish.

Enjoy and plz comment! :)

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[29 Apr 2012|09:50pm]

Devil High is looking for players!
We are a brand new multifandom high school au roleplay loosely based on Devil May Cry. Original characters welcome!
This prestigious private high school is a little difficult to get into... And more difficult to survive. Students live on campus and enjoy a great many amenities, but at the cost monstrous tuition and cutthroat academic competition. If you heard about a demon attack last year, you'd better not mention it to anyone else. Spreading rumors like that is grounds for expulsion. Ignore the sword behind your teacher's desk.
main | ooc | image
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Beansprout Garden Chapter 4 [03 Apr 2012|02:41pm]

4/4 Beansprout Garden:


And finally, finally, I managed to finished a multi-chaptered fic, and stick close to my self appointed deadlines! The story in itself isn't much, but I'm happy I was able to accomplish this. XD
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Vote for Allen Walker! :D [02 Apr 2012|03:08am]

Hi guys~ Allen Walker is representing D. Gray-man in animetournament. Come on, vote for him so that he can be the best!

click this banner:

It'd be wonderful if you guys can watch the community and vote for him in the next rounds too. But he still needs more votes to advance to the next round, so give him your vote! :D
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Beansprout Garden Chapter 3 [25 Mar 2012|09:34pm]

3/4 Beansprout Garden:


Lol. I'm kind of happy I've been able to keep up with my self-made deadlines so far. At least this time I'm making progress. Now I'm down to the epilogue and the beginnings of a new fic.

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Beansprout Garden Chapter 2 [18 Mar 2012|10:21pm]

2/4 Beansprout Garden:


And I've changed the Title from His Beansprout Garden to just Beansprout Garden.
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New Fic FINALLY [15 Mar 2012|10:24pm]

Because I haven't posted anything in such a long time and because I finally decided to use my second (out of three) account(s) in ff.net, I decided to post a link.

1/4 - Beansprout Garden

I've been using my main account there where I've been focusing on one cross over that I updated last January after going M.I.A. for a year. My account with the same pen name here already has two fics. The second one was empty until this post, and since I'm currently hiding from my crossover readers, I decided to post the fic here. Might as well make use of all my accounts since I can't delete any of them.
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[Fanfiction] A Tale of Flimsy Threads [06 Mar 2012|10:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Title: A Tale of Flimsy Threads.
Author: [info]nherizu.
Rating: PG-15.
Pairing: Kanda/Allen or Allen/Kanda; it depends on how you look at it.
Genre: it's romance, a bit of friendship and maybe hurt/comfort?
Sometimes leaving everything behind to start a new life might be the best choice. But as he watched those slender fingers fiddling with the white papers, Allen realized not every story could be found in a book.

( FFnet )
( Livejournal )

"You went away because you didn't want to be with a guy?"
~Allen Walker

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Individual Order and Shipping Service [27 Feb 2012|05:35pm]

Offering individual order and shipping service for anime goods from Japan. Doujinshi and character goods included.

More details here
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[Fanfiction] Beneath the Fading Light [23 Feb 2012|12:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Beneath the Fading Light
Rating: PG/T
Genre: Angst/Friendship
Characters: Allen and Kanda (mainly). Mana and Johnny are also there xD
Setting: takes place in the manga's current standpoint (chapter 212), when Allen has collapsed and was brought to an inn by Kanda and Johnny.
Allen knew it was a losing battle the moment Mana entered his dream. But Kanda was determined to pull him out of his sleep and get things back to normal, no matter how hard it seemed.

( Livejournal )
( FFnet )

"Look at me, beansprout!"
~Kanda Yu
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Selling D.Gray-man items! ^_^ [20 Feb 2012|06:52pm]

Hi all!

I'm letting go of many D.Gray-man items at super low starting bids on eBay [[ HERE ]] .

Please feel free to check the auctions out, thank you! ^_^v
Good luck bidding & Happy Shopping!
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New DGM meme [17 Feb 2012|04:47am]

Hi, I'm here to advertise a new general fandom meme for D.Grayman fans over at D.Gray-meme at Dreamwidth. Other fandoms have permanent memes, so it's about time we had one too. It's for anything DGM related, and it's fine to comment there either anonymously or logged in. The aim is to help stir up activity, fun and communication in the fandom.

The first post is already up! Hope to see you there.

[Ad cross-posted to the other general DGM comms on LJ and DW. Sorry if that means you see this more than once.]
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For Sale! DGM charms and more! [11 Feb 2012|03:40pm]

I am selling nearly all of my anime pins, keychains, and charms. For D.Gray-man I have the following:

I am shipping from the US (Illinois) and rates are based off your location.
If you are interested, please check out my lj sales page for prices and additional information:


X-Posted, so first come first serve! :) 
Thanks for reading!
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[Fanfiction] Accidental Romance [26 Jan 2012|01:33am]

[ mood | awake ]

Title: Accidental Romance
Pairing: Kanda/Allen or Allen/Kanda; depends on how you see it~
Rating: PG-15.
Genre: Romance/Humor.
Theme: Touch.
Setting: Post Chapter 170, when Allen and Kanda often get paired together in missions ;)
It all started with a simple, accidental touch of two parted lips; teeth smashing and tongues finding one another's presence unexpectedly. But Allen would survive. Or so he hoped.

( FFnet )
( Livejournal )

"If you were smart enough to go straight to the Akuma, this wouldn't happen!"
~Kanda Yu

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112 D.Gray-Man Icons [04 Jan 2012|12:19am]

[ mood | crappy ]

112 Icons


HERE @ icontroller

Cross-posted way too much.

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