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dgray_man's Journal

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D.Gray-man LJ
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There are evil forces lurking on earth A class of evil beings who hate mankind and wish for its destruction, but only a few people are aware of it.

The Milennium Earl (Sennenhakusyaku: 千年伯爵), leader of these forces, has created a terrible weapon named "Akuma", specifically designed to target Mankind.

The only way to counter the Akuma is to rely on Exorcists, and the organization which gathers them all: the "Dark Religious Organization".

~ Summary provided by event__horizon.

Ground rules^^

1) Spoilers should always be behind an lj cut!

2) Be nice. No flame wars!

3) This community tolerates both het, yaoi and yuri.

4) Fanfiction, fanart or pictures larger then icon size, should be behind an LJ cut.

5) Fanfiction should have labels! Het, yaoi or yuri, along with rating.

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